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Join us for 60 minutes and discover ways to take
your brand to the next level.

We don’t call it “power” for nothing.

Our Power Hour was designed to give you honest and effective insight to help you stand out
and grow your business. In this hour, we’ll learn about your goals, clarify areas to gain better
results, and outline strategies to help you take action.

It’s 60 minutes of custom branding consulting to help you make the best decisions
for your brand and business. Do you want to go BIG or stay small?

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Why get a Power Hour Brand Assessment?

You're ready to launch a new product, service or take your brand to the next level.

You want to attract a big audience. You want your brand to be beautiful and memorable. You want to understand how your current branding is helping or hindering your growth strategy.

You have a unique product or service, but feel you’re lagging behind the competition.

You need to know if your branding and website matches your uniquely ownable look and position, and how to gain a competitive edge.

Your brand or website isn't converting enough sales.

Gain clarity on why your branding and website isn't getting your expected return on investment.

We’re on a mission to elevate your brand experience so you succeed.

We created this service to give you an honest take on how consumers perceive your brand and share solutions to bring better growth to your brand.

We know you’re busy. You need to stand out. You need effective strategies. This is our smart solution to help you gain custom branding expertise for YOUR business and brand in just one hour.

From the work we’ve completed with national and global brands to startups, including Hay House, Louise Hay, Suze Orman, W Hotels, Starwood Hotels, Pardee Homes and heart-driven entrepreneurs, we know design creates powerful brand experiences that will convert to better profits. It’s the details that make your brand stand out and trustworthy. It is our pleasure to serve you and guide your brand to greatness.


How this works:


Book your session to secure your Power Hour. Email or call us if you have more questions before booking.

Share Your Goals + Vision

You’ll receive our Brand Starter Questionnaire to fill out before our session so we can better understand your needs, goals and vision. From there, we'll dive into branding and website and prepare our recommendations before we connect.

Power Hour Time

Come prepared and ready for a good time! We'll connect via Zoom video chat for 60 minutes.

We’ll share our audit assessment and recommendations. This Power Hour is fully dedicated to YOU and YOUR business. You'll gain clarity on some of your branding struggles and understand how to level up your business.

Your Brand Assessment

Within a week, we’ll send you a PDF that includes our insights, recommendations and everything we discussed during our session.

We’ll also provide a rough game plan and how we can support you and your business.

Bonus #1 - $297 Credit towards our Services

We want to see your brand move forward smoothly and swiftly, so we’ll credit the full cost of the Power Hour towards our services if you choose to invest with us within 30 days of our session.

Bonus #2 - Brand Audit

($297 value) If you have an existing brand or website, we’ll perform our 5-point Brand Audit before our Power Hour session. This bonus alone allows us to understand if your current branding or website is helping or hindering your growth strategy.


What to Expect:

Your assessment covers these 5 keys:

  1. First Impression

    Our initial objective look at your brand and website. What’s excellent and enjoyable. Whats confusing or inconsistent. Well share what your brand conveys and steps to improve your brand experience.


    Studies show users focus on a logo first before moving on to the rest of a site. Does your logo distract or help your viewer from scrolling through your site? And researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone.

    Well take a good look at your logo, colors, fonts, photos, imagery, video, and overall website design. How all these elements are working for or against your brand. Well evaluate your logo and if its strong or is trying to be everything in one lil mark. If your colors are appropriate and attracting consumers. And if your imagery, video and website are telling your story effectively and enhancing the overall brand experience. And what to consider to make all these a better success.

  3. Brand Communication

    Clarity is power and content is king. WHAT you say makes people want to buy. Well assess your messaging, length of content and also how youre communicating visually.

    Consumers need to understand quickly yet feel connected to your enterprise. Well provide insight on your communication and ways to make your messaging more effective.

  4. Brand Position + Personality

    A strong brand has a specific and clear personality. Think Verizon vs AT&T. Or Southwest vs Virgin Airlines. People dont buy what you do or sell – they buy WHY you do it.

    Or are you trying to be everything to everyone? Your brand should have a unique voice, mood and purpose, and well assess whats working and not. Well also share examples of sites that can inspire your strategies further.

  5. Final Recommendations for Success

    Our top 3-5 things we recommend to push your brand to the next level. Items that most align with your business goals, keep visitors engaged and get users excited to buy. Well share a rough game plan and what to do before you bring on expert help.


What our clients say about us:

Louise Hay
What a joy it was to work with such talented, creative minds to create a beautiful space to share my story, affirmations and more!
Louise Hay
New York Times Best-Selling Author & Founder Hay House, LouiseHay.com
Kelli Adame
Michelle is a creative genius. She is positive, engaging, and over delivers each time with her commitment to her clients and bringing their business vision to full expression.
Kelli Adame
Relationship Coach + Depth Psychotherapist, KelliAdame.com
Renee Fitzgerald
Wonderfully creative and talented professionals. Not only do you walk away with a game plan for your logo, brand, and website, they provide insight into the value of your company and highlight your positive features, helping you to put your best foot forward.
Renee Fitzgerald
President, RCHNonProfitConsulting.com

An hour dedicated to your business growth.

Some of the areas we can review:

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